Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center

Roadside Assistance.

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Keeping our customers mobile.

    We are there when we are most needed. In the event of breakdowns and all kinds of emergency situations we give all the assistance that is needed to get our customers back on track. Whenever there is a technical breakdown or starting problem, the Mercedes-Benz Service24h helps. Our service hotline answers customer calls day and night, every day. In cooperation with an international retail network and business partners, we arrange rapid and professional help. Frequently, a glitch can be solved locally. Should this not be possible, we ensure that the vehicle is taken to the nearest Mercedes-Benz workshop and organize alternative transport.

    How to contact us:

    If you experience a technical breakdown or an emergency situation, we are there to assist whenever needed. Please give us a call at 00800 17777777.