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Our scope.

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Our scope.

The Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center is an international multicultural organization and an integrated part of Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. In our offices in Maastricht we think and act globally and assume a leading role for the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centers all over the world.

Our goal is to provide excellent assistance to our customers and dealers of well-known brands like Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart and Mercedes me. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we ensure our customers’ mobility with our roadside assistance. Additionally, we take care of all kinds of enquiries about passenger cars and vans during our opening hours. For our customers we are maybe the most important connection to the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Who we are.

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Who we are.

The Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center opened in 1998 in the heart of the Euregion in Maastricht and has developed into one of the major employers in the southern region of the Netherlands. Today, with more than 1.300 employees, we care for customers and retailers worldwide. We are proud to unite people from more than 42 different nationalities who speak 22 languages and share the same passion for high-quality customer service.
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Our team.



Operational Specialist for Service 24h Roadside Assistance

“What I like most about my job is that I can help our customers in tough situations. The challenging part of my job is not to lose sight of the fact that a breakdown can be an exceptional situation for our customers and that I therefore have to treat each caller individually, even though I deal with the topic on a daily basis.”


Customer Service Representative

Customer Service

“I love to work with people from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are great mixed teams and everyone brings their very special strengths and abilities. Together we try to make our customers happy and provide the best service. We always exchange our experiences and are never alone with problems or challenges.”


Technical Service Representative

Retail Service – XENTRY Support – XENTRY Portal OC2 Retail Service

“I like supporting our customers and providing them with solutions to their questions, that is always a very satisfying experience for me.
We have many different products and services that it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything individually, but l have wonderful colleagues by my side to help.”

Elif Koekten

Product Owner


“What I like most about my job is to have a chance to satisfy both the customers of Mercedes-Benz and the employees (agents) by working on our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Managing multiple stakeholders and dealing with deadlines can be challenging.”



Technical Operations Manager for Connected Mobility Services (CMS)

“Favourite thing about my job is the opportunity to work in an amazing multicultural environment full of inspiring people. The combination of our motivation, strength and mutual support helps us to provide our customers with the best service.”


Logistic Service Representative

Partner Network Management – Order Management Team

“What I like about my job is being able to work and divide my tasks. The challenge is to always keep my customers satisfied. I am therefore happy when I see that the freight has arrived successfully at the customer.
My motto is: if the customer is not satisfied, I am not satisfied.”


Community Manager

Social Media

“What I like the most about my job and department is being in charge of my tasks, our teamwork, and the culturally diverse environment we have. There are definitely some challenges - as we represent the brand in each interaction we give online - there is a thin line between something going viral for good reasons, and something going viral for less positive ones. Overall, it is an exciting and fun journey!”


Senior Business Consultant

Global Contact Center Management & Strategy for project SPARK

“With Program SPARK, we want to delight our customers with a seamless and luxurious experience at every Customer Contact Center (CCC) touchpoint and through every channel.

I love the borderless cooperation across multiple divisions with strategic initiatives/colleagues from all over the globe, while challenging the status quo in a co-creative and appreciative fast-paced environment. All of this to design the luxurious customer experience of the future.”

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Maastricht-Aachen, a unique region for unique people.

Our office is located in the Netherlands, close to the German and Belgian borders. The Maastricht-Aachen Region is traditionally known as a multinational region. Across history, the region has been Roman, Spanish, French, Swiss, German, Belgian, Austrian and Dutch. It is a unique piece of Europe in the heart of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion where more than four million residents from three countries speak four languages, and where the German and Latin cultures in Europe interact. Many parts of the environment will seem familiar to you because of the international character of the inhabitants and their great hospitality. That is why we believe that you will feel at home here quickly, too.

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